Principal Staff

Eddie W. Banks is Director for the Youth Safe Haven Police Ministation Program. A hands-on professional, he provides encouragement and opportunities for inner-city youth. After twenty years with the D.C. Police Department, Eddie retired as a Sergeant. His commitment to improving the lives of youth continued. He became the Director of Field Operations for the Metropolitan Boys' and Girls' Club and later joined the Eisenhower Foundation in 1995.

Margie Christian is Director for Operations. She has over thirty years of experience in financial and operations management for non-profit organizations, She has worked for the National Court Reporters Association and Music Educators Association on programs such as closed captioning for the hearing impaired, real time translation and art and education grants from NEA-as well as youth and outreach programs.

Alan Curtis is the President and CEO of the Foundation. Dr. Curtis was the Executive Director of President Carter's Interagency Urban and Regional Policy Group, served as Urban Policy Adviser to the U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and later administered the $43 million employment and crime prevention demonstration program in public housing that was part of President Carter’s National Urban Policy. Earlier, he was co-director of the Crimes of Violence Task Force of President Johnson's National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence. He is author, co-author, or editor of 12 books. He served on the Executive Committee of Partners for Democratic Change, which teaches democratic decision-making world-wide and was a Trustee of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. Dr. Curtis has an A.B. in economics from Harvard, an M.Sc. in economics from the University of London and a Ph.D. in urban studies and criminology from the University of Pennsylvania. For the full bio on Alan Curtis, click here.

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Tracey L. Felder is the Director for Programs. A DC native, she graduated with honors from Spingarn Senior High School in 1992. Her background experiences include work for the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and Department of Justice. With a history of volunteerism, she has contributed her skills to the community in a number of organizations, including Charles Young Elementary School, Head Start, and the Browne Junior High School Girls' Basketball Team. With the Eisenhower Foundation, Ms. Felder has assisted youth development initiatives for over ten years.

Nancy Hall is Director for Finance. She has over thirty years’ experience in working with nonprofit organizations, primarily in the areas of administration, legal structure, and financial management. For seventeen years, she was a key staff member at the Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations where she was Director of Finance. Ms. Hall is a faculty member at Johns Hopkins University, where she teaches courses on nonprofit finance and nonprofit management. She holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. Ms. Hall’s company, HB Financial, which trades under the name 501(c)Solutions, is an MBE firm registered with the State of Maryland.


JennieSteven LaFrance is Evaluation Advisor to the Foundation. He is the founder and Principal of LFA Group, a consulting firm dedicated to helping social nonprofit organizations achieve their greatest possible impact. Steven has provided evaluation, research, and technical assistance services to hundreds of nonprofit organizations, foundations, and public agencies. He is a nationally recognized leader in the field of organizational effectiveness, with a focus on strategy development and the use of information to maximize social impact.

sinclair Leila McDowell is Strategic Communications Advisor. A former Vice President for Communication with the NAACP, she has spent her career helping organization communicate their messages. She directed media outreach for the Eisenhower Foundation’s fifty year update of the Kerner Commission, Healing Our Divided Society.



sinclairJessica Manta-Meyer is Advisor on Mentoring and Youth Development. She is currently a Research Associate with Public Profit. She has many years of experience creating, directing and evaluating a range of social service and health programs, including publicly funded after school programs. Prior to joining Public Profit, Jessica administered three comprehensive after-school programs in Oakland, including financial and program reporting, human resources, and agency-led evaluations.

JennieKristin Moore is Advisor on Evaluation and Youth Development. Senior Scholar and Program Director at Child Trends, Dr. Moore is a social psychologist who studies trends in child and family well-being, positive development, the determinants and consequences of early sexual activity and parenthood, fatherhood, the effects of family structure and social change on children, and the effects of public policies and poverty on children. She directs the Youth Development research area at Child Trends, where she is expanding information on programs that work, implementing rigorous approaches to evaluation strategies, and working to share knowledge with practitioners, funders, journalists, and policy makers. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan.

sinclairCorey Newhouse is Advisor on Mentoring and Youth Development. She is the Founder and Principal of Public Profit in Oakland. Ms. Newhouse has a wide range of experience in evaluating programs that serve children and families. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Columbia College and her Master’s degree from the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley.

sinclair Jason Perry holds a B.A in Economics and Finance with a minor in Education from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. As a Native of Massachusetts, born to a single mother and growing up below the margin, he is primarily inspired by supporting students in overcoming socioeconomic challenges confronted and endured daily by residents of inner-city communities. In understanding the negative social factors and influences that permeate many urban communities, he has embraced a role in supporting youth empowerment through engaging adolescents and young adults on issues of social & civic responsibility, financial literacy, and personal conduct for youth development. These efforts are propelled from a conviction and a personal responsibility to leverage his position in his community to support advocacy for troubled and disenfranchised youth and subscribing to values of integrity, discipline and hard work to reach individual goals.
The opportunity to mentor and provide additional moral, educational and socio-emotional support and guidance to young men is a deeply gratifying rewarding experience, and is continually reciprocated through renewed vigor and motivation in seeing a child overcome adversity to achieve personal and academic successes. With an extensive background in Social Work & Education, Jason’s successful leadership positions encompasses meaningful work through administrative leadership and direct support roles by supporting young adolescents in improving their skill set to live independently and/or improve opportunities for socioeconomic mobility and navigate the society. These positions have provided a strong vehicle of influence to affect student academic & behavioral policy, as well as a platform to engage youth in conveying personal experiences to inspire ambition, motivation and drive for future success.

sinclair Vanessa Ribeiro Revollo originally from Bolivia, has lived most of his year traveling around the world and working with profit and nonprofit organizations. She graduated from Psychology with honors from Saint Francis University (Bolivia). Her professional background includes; Specializations in Human Resources, and Ethical Leadership, and Master degrees in Management and Business Administration with Beta Gama Sigma Mention. Vanessa has volunteered in several organizations around Latin America helping and contributing different communities as kids under difficult situations, women who suffered familiar violence and parent’s groups.

sinclair Maria A. Rosario, M. Ed has over thirty years of professional experience in the nonprofit sector, with expertise in program development, systems change, and public policy advocacy. Currently, she serves as the executive director of NorthStar Learning Centers, a minority-led nonprofit organization that serves disadvantaged New Bedford area children, youth, and families in Massachusetts and has been in this role for the last fourteen years. Maria has created innovative programs that support disadvantaged young people in overcoming poverty, discrimination, violence, and other adversity through learning essential skills and hopefulness with which they can transform their lives and their community. She has a strong track record of recruiting, retaining, and promoting culturally diverse, multilingual staff, who in turn send a powerful message to children, youth, and families that they can succeed in culturally competent programs.

Motivated and informed by her own uphill struggle to overcome the cultural, language, and class barriers to succeeding in school, Maria has been in the forefront in efforts to raise the level of student achievement in the New Bedford Public Schools. With an experienced-based, culturally competent command of what works, Maria’s has emerged as an influential leader in building support for strengthening the relationships between the schools, families, and the community at large. Maria has been active in community and state-level planning and advocacy groups to remove historic barriers and open pathways for all children, youth, and families to achieve a better life. Maria has a BA in Sociology and graduate degree in Counseling Psychology from the Cambridge College Graduate School (Cambridge, MA).

Maria has received local, state, and regional awards for her leadership in promoting community, school, and other positive change. In 2009, she won New England Grantee of the Year from the New England Minority Business Development Agency. Most recently, she was recognized by the Providence, RI-based Latino Public Radio for her exceptional leadership and dedication to community in its multiple dimensions and was one of the 2016 YWCA Women of Distinction Awardees.

sinclairCharlene Sinclair is Advisor on Conference Organizing and Advocacy. Dr. Sinclair has organized many of the Foundation's national workshops and conferences on the Kerner Commission and National Violence Commission. She holds a doctorate from Union Theological Seminary.


sinclairJim Zepp is Evaluation Advisor for Crime Analysis. Mr. Zepp formerly was the Training and Technical Assistance Director for the Justice Research and Statistics Association (JRSA). In this capacity he has frequently spoken or taught at national and regional conferences on information technology uses and program evaluation issues in the criminal justice field. He has consulted with federal, state, and local agencies on a wide variety of automation needs and data applications.