Public Morality

Forum on Public Morality

In Celebration of the Seventy-Fifth Birthday of
Father Geno Baroni

Sponsored by the Eisenhower Foundation

Broadcast by C-SPAN

October 24-25, 2005

Washington, DC


Welcome by forum co-chairs -                Text                Video

harrisFred R. Harris
University of New Mexico

curtisAlan Curtis
Eisenhower Foundation


Panel 1: A Public-Morality Framework for American Policy and Conventional Wisdom

O'RourkeLawrence O’Rourke               Text                Video
Author of Geno: The Life and Mission of Geno Baroni


DuffyJoseph D. Duffey               Text                Video
Former Director
United States Information Agency


McNellyJoseph B. McNeely               Text                Video
Development Training Institute


YoungeGary Younge               Text                Video
New York Correspondent
The Guardian


AhmadImad-ad-Dean Alamad              Text                Video
Minaret of Freedom Institute


DeLeonDennis DeLeon               Text                Video
Latino Commission on AIDS, New York


Group Discussion     Text                Video

Panel 2: A Public Morality Framework for American Policy and Conventional Wisdom

kaptur Marcy Kaptur               Text                 Video
United States House of Representatives


byronWilliam J. Byron               Text                Video
Research Professor of Management, Loyola College MD
(Former president, Catholic University)


LakeCelinda Lake               Text                Video
Lake, Snell, Perry, Mermin and Associates


LinderWilliam J. Linder               Text                Video
New Community Corporation


Group Discussion     Text                Video

Panel 3: A Public-Morality Framework for American Policy and Conventional Wisdom

thurstonRev. Stephen John Thurston      Text                Video
National Baptist Convention of America


hehirJ. Bryan Hehir               Text                Video
Parker Gilbert Montgomery Professor of the Practice of Religion and Public Life
Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University


sapersteinDavid Saperstein               Text                Video
Director and Counsel
Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism


dionneE.J. Dionne, Jr.                Text                Video
Senior Fellow
The Brookings Institution


hunsingerGeorge Hunsinger               Text                Video
Hazel Thompson McCord Professor of Systematic Theology
Princeton Theological Seminary


Group Discussion       Text                Video

Panel 4: The Re-Creation of Coalitions: Minorities and Urban Ethnics, Faith-Based and Secular

eizenstatStuart E. Eizenstat               Text                Video
Former Chief Domestic Policy Advisor to President Jimmy Carter


edgarRobert W. Edgar                Text                Video
General Secretary
National Council of Churches


carrJohn L. Carr               Text                Video
Department of Social Development and World Peace United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

brayMahdi Bray               Text                Video
Executive Director
Muslim-American Society Freedom Foundation


kromkowskiJohn A. Kromkowski                Text                Video
Executive Director
National Center for Urban Ethnic Affairs


Group Discussion          Text                Video

Panel 5: Grassroots Nonprofit Organizations: Evaluation and Capacity Building, Religion and Politics

tuttleRobert W. Tuttle                Text                Video
School of Law, George Washington University


cnaanRam Cnaan               Text                Video
Professor and Associate Dean
School of Social Policy & Practice
University of Pennsylvania

wineburgRobert J. Wineburg               Text                Video
School of Social Work
University of North Carolina                                        

ujvagiPeter S. Ujvagi               Text                Video
Ohio State House of Representatives


mcdonaldTimothy McDonald, III               Text                Video
African-American Ministers in Action


gaddyC. Welton Gaddy               Text                Video
Interfaith Alliance


Group Discussion               Text                Video

Panel 6: Final Thoughts – and Strategic Action for the Future

franklinRobert M. Franklin, Jr.               Text                Video
Presidential Distinguished Professor of Social Ethics
Candler School of Theology
Emory University

drinanRobert F. Drinan               Text                Video
Professor of Law
Former Member
U.S. House of Representatives

eisenbergPablo Eisenberg               Text                Video
Senior Fellow, Public Policy Institute
Georgetown University
Former Executive Director
Center for Community Change

Discussion of Future Strategic Action                Text                Video
Facilitated by Leila McDowell
Director for Capacity Building
Eisenhower Foundation