Boston MA

Dorchester Youth Collaborative
1514-A Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02122

Executive Director: Emmett Folgert

Program Director: Liz Costa

Argus, in the Dorchester area of Boston, is a good example of the benefits that can arise when local programs work cooperatively, rather than in competition. The Dorchester Youth Collaborative (photo above), worked with Dotwell and College Bound Dorchester to provide job training opportunities for youth in an area where gangs are a formidable barrier to any youth program.

The program worked with an extremely diverse group of young drop-outs: African American, Vietnamese, Cape Verdan, West Indian and others, both male and female. In addition to work on their GEDs and job skill training, the program youth were provided wrap-around services to help them overcome any barriers that they faced as they worked toward jobs with a future.