Medical Mall site for coveted education

program that pays students to learn

When 30-ninth grade students from Lanier High School enroll in the Jackson Medical Mall's Quantum Opportunities Program, they will have plenty of incentives to complete the course. They will be working toward better grades, high school graduation, college, and cash.

Funded by The Milton S. Eisenhower Foundation, this is the first Quantum Opportunities Program in the state of Mississippi . Dr. Ollye B. Shirley, former president of the Jackson Public School District Board of Trustees, will serve as coordinator of the Jackson Medical Mall Quantum Opportunities Program. Ms. Kisiah Nolan, former principal of Pecan Park Elementary School in Jackson, and Mr. Myron Evans will be assistant coordinators.

"This is a great opportunity for our children, the Jackson Public School District , and the community as we target teenagers in this critical stage of life," explains Dr. Ollye B. Shirley. "The choices they make today, at this point, will determine the path of their lives. Quantum offers a solid foundation to prepare students for the second phase of their lives.

The Quantum Opportunities Program (QOP) is a highly coveted computer-based learning program that targets disadvantage high school students. Curriculum components include life skills training, academic help, tutoring, mentoring, and community service. Students also receive an hourly stipend to take part in the program. The stipend is matched dollar for dollar by the Eisenhower Foundation, and becomes available to students upon successful completion of the course.

"We are proud of our association with the Quantum Opportunities Program, and we expect great success with our Mississippi partners," said Dr. Alan Curtis, president and CEO of the Eisenhower Foundation. The Quantum Opportunities Program is much more than ABCs, according to Johnnie Gage, chief operating officer al the Washington DC-based Eisenhower Foundation.

"QOP is intensive because it offers a broad array of services, including basic education, personal and cultural development activities, community service, mentoring, and other support services," Gage adds. "QOP activities are structured, and scheduled so students can spend a minimum of 750 hours performing QOP activities each year."

The Eisenhower Foundation, a national leader in the replication of similar successful after-school programs, will provide funding and technical assistance while the Jackson Medical Mall will be responsible for staffing and local oversight. For more information on the Jackson Medical Mall Quantum Opportunities Program, please call Dr. Shirley at (601) 362-0547.